Copy trading portfolio. Stat and actual results. Passive investing.

All we like the facts. And no matter how many words about copy trading as a source of passive investing will be spoken the ultimate argument will be the actual results. At the moment below are a sample of my copy trading portfolio and investing experience. I do not rush to disperse my capital among experienced traders. I do my research very carefully and allocate capital among the best of them from my point of view. I look at the idea that stands behind models that the trader suggested. Also, I rely on to make the selection process and invest in traders’ strategy that related to top10 ranking. Average YTD return for a portfolio +20.98% vs +11.61% SP500.Exessive return is about 9% since the start of the year. Annualized return +42%. My long-term expected GAGR for the overall portfolio +24%.This post will be renewed every month so you will be able to watch the results and copy the trading process as it is based on facts and real data with links and original sources.

Not investment advice. Last update on 06/06/2021

Trader/referral link all investments are riskyReturn last month May, 2021Return YTDNote
cypresscapital-1.27%-0.31%Prop trader Etoro
spxhedgefund+1.13%+9.93%Fund under my strict control etoro
KiparisCapital+4.9%+47.0%Prop trader collective2
KiparisLowCap+4.5%+35.9%Prop trader collective2
TheCapReits+0.5%+24.2%Prop trader collective2
TheCapRestaur-1.2%+9.2%Prop trader collective2

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