Collective2 trading systems update

Why it make a sence to read

Dear friends here is information for my subscribers at . But also, it might be useful for the broad trading community from other copy trade platforms such as Etoro or Darwinex. Not so often can be seen real trading of the hedge fund manager with trading ideas unveiled and its description. Tell you frankly, I will not share with you by the trading algorithm and it is intellectual property. You can just decode it on your own being a careful observer of trades. All trades based on the set of the rules and I and my team will use other specially created web sites to share with you by workable ideas in the world of trading. You free to repeat it on your own risk or to join copy trading using C2 or Etoro as an instance.

Trading systems profile and its core ideas

Oilgasfund. Value-based investing and momentum trading in Oil and natural gas companies. Contango monetization. Systematic options selling.

Value investing US. Momentum, value-based and volatility trading. Suitable for pension plans.

Spxhedgefund. Momentum. Value-based investing and Option selling.

VolatilityShield. Contango monetization. Systematic options selling.

Short term trading plans

For the Value investing US fund, I going to maintain a position without updates. There is a possibility that I will open a long position in VXX or will close SVXY to hedge portfolios or reduce its volatility. At the moment of writing this post VIX futures term structure still was in configuration to maintain a long position in SVXY. There is a macroeconomic forecast model alert about the significant risk of recession for the next 12 months and I going to maintain a long position and being ready to start portfolio hedging as soon as the signal will cast.

For spxhedefund, I going to sell a call option for VXX with strikes 22+ and expiration date on 20 of March. The transaction will be done on 21 of February. Also, I don’t exclude that will sell put options for VXX with OTM strike and delta 10.

For OilGasFund I will sell call options for UNG with strikes 16+ and. My bearish long and midterm view for natural gas still persist. I do expect super contango and huge negative rollover yield for natural gas front and back futures and as a result acceleration of price decaying in UNG due to contango impact that will lasting overall year.

VolatilityShield. It is fund based on volatility trading and I use the robust trading model to mitigate spike risk ad to monetize contango impact. I will sell the VXX option with an expiration in March. Strike 22+.

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